Opti Water Filters

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Alkaline water on Tap, up to 9.0ph

Removes 99.99% of all Contaminants.

No electricity or plumbing required.


Your Water OPTImized

Removes 99.99% of contaminants.

Alkaline up to 9.0pH.


Drinking Toxic Chemicals, Chlorine, Micro Plastics, and Lead?

Most people are not aware that the Big Brand "Filtered" water they currently drink contains chemicals, lead, and chlorine. 

With OPTI, you wont have to worry about that with our Proven & Tested Technology. 

Featured product

Opti Drop | 3 Gallon Countertop Unit
Opti Drop | 3 Gallon Countertop Unit Opti Drop | 3 Gallon Countertop Unit Opti Drop | 3 Gallon Countertop Unit Opti Drop | 3 Gallon Countertop Unit Opti Drop | 3 Gallon Countertop Unit Opti Drop | 3 Gallon Countertop Unit

The BPA Free, OPTI CHILL includes 1 OPTI Alkaline Filter.  

It was designed to fit in the bottom shelf of your refrigerator to ensure you have COLD WATER ON TAP. A date keeper is built into the top of the white colored lid to keep track of when you purchased your filter.   

Customers saved over 150 Million water bottles

To date, as an organization, we have helped reduce the consumption of over 150 million single use plastic bottles. We thank all of our loyal customers and hope you will join us in making a difference. 




Best water I've ever tasted! Clean and fresh! :)

– TIna

My Stomach used to feel full and achy from drinking smart water and other waters, but ever since I switched, I feel amazing.

– Sarah

I used to get colds twice a year, but ever since I consistently started drinking OPTI over a year ago I haven't felt sick! I always made sure to replace my filter every 3 months to keep the water as fresh and OPTImized as possible.

– Amanda

When I drink this water I actually feel hydrated. I was skeptical, but now I'm a loyal customer. I can have peace of mind knowing there isn't any chlorine (can't taste chlorine anymore) and other junk in my water.

– Justin

I live in LA and the water has a very strong chemical taste in my apartment when I used other filters. When I was introduced to OPTI by my neighbor, I could immediately taste the difference. Lifetime Customer Now!

– Josh

Had bad pipes at my house and had to drain them...brownish, orange sludge came out from tap and I decided to test my OPTI Chill. THE WATER CAME OUT CRYSTAL CLEAR! I was shocked! Tasted it, and it was still amazing. Customer for life!

– Jesse

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